Ground Control
helps brands develop more sustainable and profitable products by managing their suppliers
in a smart roadmap
Introducing the future of sustainable product design
Industry Solutions
SMEs & E-commerce Brands
For a new brand or startup, aiming to form a strategy for sustainable products cost and risk, GroundControl is a hiring marketplace and project management tool. Aligning stakeholders across disjointed industries around a shared vision becomes easier than ever with the auto-updated roadmap that allows production planning with instant estimates from suppliers all around the world.
Agencies, Manufacturers and
Design Service Providers
For agencies, service providers and manufacturers, who want to get more work with clearer briefs and less admin, Groundcontrol is a project management tool and CMS, that cuts down admin and project management time along with bringing in higher quality leads with clearer briefs, ready to pay.
Established Brands
For an established brand wanting to navigate the changing consumer and regulatory demand for sustainability plus price and supply chain fluctuations, Groundcontrol is a supplier and project management tool, that allows production planning with instant estimates from suppliers all around the world, modelling and comparing strategies in minutes not weeks, with inbuilt sustainability measures.
Manage sustainable design and manufacture
Align the entire supply chain
Bridge physical teams
Using Ground Control benefits all teams bringing new physical products to market, or simply updating the existing ones to fit changing demands
All online
Ground Control offers all teams innovative, industry specific functionality so that efficiency and transparency become the norm, not the aspiration.

Simple overview of every relevant factor makes seeing the big picture easier than ever so that brands, product designers and manufacturers make better decisions faster.

Manage supplier quotes, payment and communication in one place. Minimise back-and-forth to reach your product goals faster with less overheads and surprises.

Conversations, updates, assets, and deliverables are always in sync across all your suppliers. Save a lot of time wasted in forwarding briefs tirelessly.

Empowering your teams with transparency and accuracy
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